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Bounce Academy Bouncin GirlsThese classes are geared toward girls ages 6 and up. Goals for Bouncin Girls 1 include exposure to a wide range of skills, strength, flexibility, basic skill development and of course, FUN! These classes are structured to help the students develop discipline, patience, and basic gymnastics skills.

Bounce Academy has been designed to provide a safe environment for children to learn and practice new skills. Your child’s safety is the utmost concern.

Bouncin’ Girls 1

2018-2019 Session 3: January 14 – March 15

Session 1 is a 9 week session
Tuition : $160

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Bouncin’ Girls 2 “Intermediate”

Bounce Academy Bouncin Girls Bouncin’ Girls 2 classes are designed to focus on basic skills.  We will teach the gymnasts to refine their basic skills enabling them to begin learning intermediate skills on their own.

Bouncin’ Girls 1 is an introductory class where we expose all the gymnasts to a wider variety of simple and advanced skills by spotting the gymnasts through the skills safely. This helps to make the class fun and gives them the confidence to try harder skills while lessening the fear factor.

Bouncin’ Girls 2 will focus for longer periods of time, on one skill at a time, until the gymnasts are able to perform the skills safely by themselves.  Bouncin’ Girls 2 classes are not offered for registration online, but please inquire about them with our office staff.

In essence, Bouncin’ Girls 1 gymnasts experience a wider range of skills with help, Bouncin’ Girls 2 gymnasts train fewer skills during class until they are able to perform them safely by themselves.


Bouncin’ Girls 2

2018-2019 Session 3: January 14 – March 15

Session 2 is a 9 week session
Tuition : $160

(This registration section is for a Bouncin’ Girls 2 class) (Registration for this class may be done over the phone or at the front desk.)


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