Bounce-a-Mania is held during Session 4.

  • To participate, just register for Session 4 (extra fees apply).
  • Your child will attend class at their regularly scheduled time on the Bounce-A-Mania week of Session 4, and will present their skills during that time.
  • Students will receive a trophy, prizes and a t-shirt for participation!
  • We welcome family, friends, neighbors, and paparazzi to attend.
  • Family and friends can watch from seating set-up throughout the gym. Spectators will be able to get up close to the gymnasts, so bring your cameras! Bounce-a-Mania hosts over 700 gymnasts!
  • Raffle prizes and giveaways will occur during the Mania, so don't miss it!


At Bounce Academy we are always looking for ways, large and small, to improve our club. The Bounce Masters have been working hard this year teaching a variety of fun gymnastics skills to your children at the Academy. Each year gymnastics will perform new routines at Bounce-a-Mania. Look for athletes that have been training for longer periods of time to perform harder skills. Also, expect to see gymnasts performing skills by themselves which may have required a large assist from coaches in the past! Come and celebrate what they've accomplished!

Most importantly, Bounce-a-Mania is intended to be a fun, stress-free demonstration of you athletes gymnastics skills. We strive to provide good instruction to your child in the ways of gymnastics, discipline, and fun!

We look forward to celebrating at this year's Bounce-a-Mania with you!