General FAQ’s

• What are your hours for OPEN PLAY?
We DO NOT have regular open play times. We DO have occasional Kids Day Out and Parent’s Night Out events, check the Extra Fun tab for upcoming dates.

• What age do your classes start at?
Our classes range from 18 months to 18 years! Look under the Registration tab for more details.

• Do you require special clothing?
No, just recommend comfy, moveable clothing. No shoes/socks on the gym floor.
We do recommend for the girls that their shirt is snug fitting so that it doesn’t flip when they do.

Do you offer cheer classes?
We do not offer cheer classes at this time.

Session FAQ’s

• How long is a Session?
Sessions are 9 weeks long. The students attend class once a week for 55 minutes.

• How much does it cost to start?
Session fees are $170 and there is a $40 Annual Family Registration Fee.

• Can we start in the middle of the Session?
Yes, we will prorate the amount to reflect when your child begins.

• Can my child attend more than one day a week?
Yes, you can enroll your child in multiple classes. We offer a 15% discount for multiple classes and students.

• Do you offer family discounts?
Yes, we offer 15% off for the second and third child, 25% off for the fourth and fifth child.

• I don’t know if my child will like it, do you offer a trial class?
Yes, we offer one free trial class to see if your child likes our program. Please call the office to set up a date.

• What happens if we miss a class?
We offer 2 make-up classes per session for recreational classes. Power Tumbling is a monthly program and we offer no more than one make up class per month per number of days attending per week. If families struggle with schedule conflicts, please call us to see if another day’s class is a better fit to transfer. Just call the office to set it up.

If school is closed for weather are you closed too?
Not usually– quite often the schools are closed for the safety of buses and slick roads. Once the storm is passed we usually can open the doors for classes. We will notify the families via email and on our Facebook and Instagram pages of any closures.

Birthday Party FAQ’s:

• The online Birthday Calendar is empty, does that mean all times are available?
Our birthday calendar (found under the Register Now button on the Birthday Party info page) shows available times, if you do not see anything on the date you are looking at it means ALL time slots are booked.

• Can I extend the time for our party?
No, the parties are booked back to back every two hours. Everyone receives 1 ½ hours for their party. (the half hour between parties is used for set-up and clean-up)

• Can I book two parties back to back?
Yes, but it is discouraged. Usually, the kids are played out after the first hour or so.

• I’ve booked a party but need to cancel, am I able to get my deposit back?
Birthday deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.