Pilates is more than an exercise regimen, it’s about relearning how our body is supposed to move.

Our ideal alignment allows our body to move in ways our minds can’t fathom. Pilates helps us find that place. With focus and intention, we can make our bodies better than they were yesterday. It is our wish that you leave feeling more free, flexible, capable, strong, relaxed, focused and ready to take on another day!

New to Pilates?

We require one private session before taking a mat class so we can get to know your body and introduce you to the wonderful benefits Pilates has to offer.

Start with an Intro Package

Just $110 for 2 private sessions and 5 mat classes.

What is Pilates?

“Pilates” is a method of exercise, created by its founder Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Mr. Pilates’ wife Clara Pilates also played an important role in the development and teaching of his exercise method. He called his method “corrective exercise”, and later branded it “Contrology.” However, today his method is known by his last name, “Pilates.”

What are the benefits of Pilates exercise?

Pilates exercise helps us physically and mentally. Physically, Pilates exercise develops balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Mentally, Pilates exercise reduces stress, helps with focus and relaxation, and assists in developing self-awareness, self-control, and self-esteem. Pilates exercises also help to prevent and reduce sports injuries. Breathing is extremely important in Pilates. Focused and controlled breathing increases lung capacity and circulation.


  • For your safety, 1 private session is required before taking a mat class
  • If you need to cancel please do so within 24 hours
  • Please arrive to class on time
  • Please turn off your cell phone during class

Available Pilates Sessions & Classes

In a Private Pilates session, you experience one-on-one training tailored to your body’s level and desired focus on Pilates mat. This allows your instructor to customize the session so you can continue to grow in your practice. A private session allows a unique whole body experience of discovery and awareness, while strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility.

55 mins. Instructor Rebecca Grelle

Private Session $50

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Start with the fundamentals of the mat work. In this class you will learn the basic series of exercises upon which the entire Pilates method is built. Come renew your mind body connection. Our hope is that you leave feeling better then when you arrived!

55 mins., Instructor Rebecca Grelle

  • Mat Class $15
  • 5-Pack of Mat Classes $60
  • 10-Pack of Mat Classes $100

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Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates and motivate you and your partner to continue your movement practice. Workout simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates instructor on the mat.

55 mins. Instructor Rebecca Grelle

Semi-Private Session $30/person

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